Q&A With Heights Grade Damara Davis

What’s your major?


How about your dream job after graduation?

I want to be a therapist or counselor, or work with a non-profit on behalf of animal welfare.

Do you have a favorite memory from Noble Elementary?

I loved my kindergarten and second grade teachers. I enjoyed show ‘n’ tell, because we could bring in pets, and art and music.

What did you learn at Heights High that prepared you for college?

I took AP classes and got used to working hard. In some ways college is easier, because the work load is more spread out. The diversity at Heights taught me how to talk to people from different cultures with different viewpoints. Talking to other Youngstown students about their experiences, I’ve discovered how much Heights offered. People are surprised when I describe things like the AFS international student exchange program, all the sports, and the music program. That range of activities taught me how to find things I want to do.

What did you enjoy most at Heights?

I loved the music program. I was in Singers and Choir. I especially loved one of my English classes. We had good discussions and expressed ourselves in different media, including video and writing. And I was a swimmer. That was hard work. We were always so hungry!

What advice would you give current Heights High students?

Don’t be lazy! College seems far away, but it’s not. Think about your grades, and start looking at schools early. Be your own person. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, just to make other people like you. Heights is big—make that bigness work for you.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 11:23 AM, 04.16.2010