Q&A With Heights Grad Victoria Williams

What’s your major?

I have a double major in urban studies and economics, with a minor in Spanish.

What’s your dream job after graduation?

I’d like to help run a non-profit, maybe a food bank or shelter for battered women, and consult with large corporations on community outreach. I’m thinking about law school or a degree in public administration.

Do you have a favorite memory or two from Roxboro Elementary?

I loved running around with all the grades on the playground before school. In fifth grade, we protested a teacher we thought was unfair, and gathered petition signatures. We were proud to make our voices heard and try to change things!

What did you learn at Heights High that prepared you for college?

The main thing I learned was how to work with peers. I took a lot of rigorous classes, and my classmates and I always helped, rather than competed against, each other.

What did you enjoy most at Heights? I had incredibly helpful teachers. My senior year, a teacher helped us on weekends to get ready for our AP exam. The guidance counselors worked hard to help us apply to college. And I loved all the choice in extracurricular activities.

I was student council president my senior year; our class decided to have a different kind of prom. We broke some traditions, and worked hard to raise money. The whole class came together to make it happen, and it was wonderful.

Any advice for current Heights High students?
Enjoy everything, including the social side. You have the chance to get to know kids from all sorts of backgrounds. Take advantage of it! You’ll be comfortable with different types of people for the rest of your life.
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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 1:20 PM, 04.16.2010