Q&A With Heights Grad Bryan Lorenz

What’s your major? Business management, with minors in political science and economics.

What’s your dream job after graduation? I want to go to law school and start a private practice. I’d also enjoy working in international marketing.

Do you have a favorite memory from Oxford Elementary? Many teachers really helped me. Playing soccer with Mr. Sullivan, my third grade teacher, got me interested in sports. My fourth and fifth grade teachers helped get me ready for middle school. Mr. Wells showed us many cool ways of approaching math.

What did you learn at Heights High that prepared you for college? Teachers cared about where I was headed and what I did next. I especially liked it after small schools started in my tenth grade year. Before that I sometimes felt like a number. What did you enjoy most at Heights? Being on the football team taught me leadership, discipline, and how to be a team player. We learned that we were only as strong as our weakest player. I learned how to get along with all kinds of people and attitudes. At Hiram, I played football at first, but now I’m concentrating on my grades and other activities. I’m treasurer of the Speech and Debate Club, chairman of African American Students United, and a member of Kennedy Center Program Board, working on student activity budgets. I’m also in Gospel Choir.  

What advice would you give current Heights High students?

Stop playing! Get your work done! Heights was fun—I miss it, though the work load was ridiculously heavy. But college is great. Look for a school that’s going to be a fit for you. I didn’t think I’d wind up someplace as small as Hiram, but it works for me.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 1:11 PM, 04.16.2010