Classified Advertising


Classified advertising is the lowest-cost way to advertise in the Heights Observer. Classified ads are printed in black-and-white, and grouped together in a single area of the newspaper.

The Heights Observer is published monthly. You may purchase classified ads for a term ranging from 1 to 12 months. The longer the term, the lower the cost per month.

Payment for classified ads (check or credit card) is due when an order is placed. For terms of 3-12 months, you may elect to pay in full or for 3 months at a time.   

Rates and Deadlines:

2022 Rates for display and classified advertising (PDF)

2022 Advertising Deadlines (PDF)

Classified Ad Order Form (PDF)

How to place a classified ad:

1. Open the Classified Ad Order Form

2. Save the form to your computer hard drive (right click > save as). 

3. Fill in the form. (To avoid the frustration of losing your work, save the form on your computer before filling it in.) 

4. Deliver the completed form and payment to FutureHeights by e-mail (; mail (FutureHeights, 2843 Washington Blvd. Suite 105, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118); or drop it off at our office (former Coventry School).

5. We'll create your ad and e-mail a proof for approval.

Questions about classified advertising? Contact Bob Rosenbaum at 216-401-9342 or by e-mail at

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Display Advertising


The Heights Observer is an efficient way to reach your core local audience and strengthen your customer base. 

The Heights Observer is volunteer-based, with all content written, submitted and edited by members of the community. A community-building project of non-profit FutureHeights, its goals are to:
  • Encourage citizen engagement
  • Foster dialogue about issues that are important to the community
  • Create an environment that's mindful and supportive of the independent businesses that serve Cleveland Heights and University Heights

All proceeds from publishing are returned to the community in the form of programming by FutureHeights. So advertising is not only good for your business, its a good deed. 

Advertising rates and deadlines:

Creative Marketplace for markers and artisans

2022 Advertising rates, specifications and diagram of sizes/formats (PDF)

2022 Not-for-Profit ad rates, specifications and diagram of sizes/formats (PDF)

2022 E-Mail Newsletter ad rates and specifications (PDF)

2022 Advertising Deadlines (PDF) 

2022 Editorial Deadlines (PDF)

Receive monthly deadline notifications by e-mail:

Sign up for occasional e-mail notifications specifically for advertisers and other community-based businesses/organizations.

How Advertise:

E-mail Bob Rosenbaum or call him at 216-401-9342. We'll help to make sure  you get the advertising program you need. Steps are:

  • Decide on the size, format and frequency of ad
  • Sign and return a contract
  • Provide a payment method
  • Design and submit an ad (or have us design it for you at a reasonable fee)

If you're interested in classified ads, visit the Classified Advertising section for details and instructions.

The Heights Observer currently publishes monthly, with a circulation of 9,000. Volunteers deliver papers to more than 175 businesses in Cleveland Heights and University Heights, and we have nealry 500 subscriptions for monthly home delivery.

You can find the paper at these locations. Reach your target audience and support hyperlocal nonprofit community news at the same time.

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