Danforth will prioritize Noble neighborhood

On Sept. 14, the residents of Cleveland Heights will go to the polls to vote [in a primary election] for our first mayor. My vote will be for the person who will make the Noble neighborhood and the Noble Road Corridor Planning Project a priority.  
As a transplant from Omaha, Neb., I intentionally sought Cleveland Heights as a place to make home because of its heartbeat, eclectic vibe and diversity. In 2002, I chose the Noble neighborhood because of the commitment from city leaders to revitalize the area with its first effort, Greyton Court Townhouses, off of Noble Road between Greyton and Nelaview roads. I purchased a townhome, phase one of what was to be three phases—but two and three never happened. Fast forward to the housing crisis of 2008–09, and Noble neighborhood is one that has yet to recover.  
I often reference Cleveland Heights as a tale of two cities, with the north side being the forgotten, neglected and ignored part of town. If you haven’t been to that area of our city in years, I urge you to take a quick drive through, to understand this characterization. 
As a member of Citizens for an Elected Mayor (CEM), I had the opportunity to visit other neighborhoods in the Heights that were beautifully inviting and thriving. It was an eye-opening experience. As a result, I began to speak out about the neglect that was apparent on the [north] side: poor city services, lack of customer service from city hall, lack of economic development, litter, crime and more.
I want to be excited about the possibility of the Noble Road Corridor Planning Project, but after hearing the first discussions, I’ve tempered my expectations. I give kudos to FutureHeights and the Noble Road Corridor Steering Committee (I’m a member of the latter) for creating the opportunity to give residents hope.  
In my opinion, Barbara Danforth has the vision to know this is an important project; she has the skill set to make this happen; and she’s given me her promise that it will be a priority for her. She has my vote!

Tonya Horn

Tonya Horn has lived in the Noble neighborhood for 19 years. She is a member of Citizens for an Elected Mayor, serves on the Noble Road Corridor Steering Committee, and has worked in diversity and inclusion for more than 22 years, in higher education and corporate sectors.

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Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 8:46 AM, 07.30.2021