Resident shares design concept for Cedar Lee Park

The writer envisions a park on this Cedar Lee corner, rather than a new development.

The city of Cleveland Heights is in the process reviewing proposals to build a mixed-use development at the corner of Meadowbrook and Lee roads. Some previous developments had merit, and also have been a source of revenue for the city. However, the only consideration for the use of our city’s vacant land in the past decades has been residential development. Other uses of the land, such as improving the quality of life for residents, have not always been considered.

The one-acre parcel at Meadowbrook and Lee, in the middle of the Cedar Lee Business District, may be the last parcel of land to be developed. There has been conversation by the residents of Cedar Lee, on Nextdoor, about converting this piece of land into a park. I share their view.

Interested to see what a park would look like there, I commissioned a landscape architect to make a concept design. You can view his design, which includes a video walk-through, at

I am not saying a condo shouldn’t be built, but I am saying that a park proposal should be given consideration. [I don’t think there should be] a rush to build, as we have yet to see the impact of the Top of the Hill project on our city.

Council is moving quickly toward signing a contract at a time when a new mayor will be elected within a year; thus, not only depriving the mayor of an opportunity to implement his/her vision for the parcel, but also [discounting] the residents who, in voting to elect a mayor, also voted for fresh ideas. It would be difficult to tear down a building to build a park, but it wouldn’t be difficult to change a park into a building in the future.

Whether [we get] a park or a condo is a concern of all residents. However, a decision should be made considering both the residents of Cedar Lee and its business district.

Voice your opinion as to the best use of the development of this land. You can contact city council members directly, or contact city council’s representative for this project, Economic Development Director Tim Boland, at 216-291-4857 or

Please take time to view the concept design. Share the vision of Cedar Lee Park. I welcome your opinion and feedback; contact me at

Robert Berger

Robert S. Berger resides in the Cedar Fairmount neighborhood. He is a retired career counselor.

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Volume 14, Issue 3, Posted 10:30 AM, 02.26.2021