Old Edwards Street fades away as Top of the Hill rises

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  • This Cleveland Press photo taken in 1969 by Bill Nehez shows what was formerly located on the site of the new Top of the Hill project.

  • Map of the first residential subdivisions of Cleveland Heights - J. J. Low’s Allotment (1871) and the connecting “Stackpole and Parker Allotment” (1872) on the 1874 Map of Cuyahoga County, East Cleveland, Titus, Simmons and Titus. CPL. Map also shows adjacent parcel of the Reverend Joseph Silliman Edwards, and James Wright (owner of the “Wright House” formerly Doan’s Tavern at Euclid Ave. and E. 107th/Stokes Blvd.), and Dr. Worthy Stevens Streator, all of Doan’s Corners.

  • Doctor’s Hospital (created from the two “Overlook Apartment” buildings) at the top of Cedar Hill from ClevelandMemory.org

  • An earlier version of Patrick Calhoun’s Euclid Heights Allotment whereby the streets of Edwards, Parker, Franklin and Cliff from the previous allotments of “J. J. Low” and “Stackpole and Parker” were worked in. A later redesigning of the Euclid Heights Allotment streets (to what we see today) retained only Edwards Street. Source: 1898 Whitworth map of Cleveland from CPL.

  • The sign for Edwards Street can be seen as construction for Top of the Hill has begun.

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