Issue 69 is our Netflix

Issue 69 is our Netflix.

I'm a big believer in Netflix. Back in the early 2000s, when I was young and swimming in time, there came this service that would send you DVDs in the mail and charged no late fees. 

It was revelatory. I got a real education in cinema through Netflix: "The Godfather,” "The Exorcist" . . . that "Dungeons and Dragons" movie with Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans—a true masterclass.

Amidst all of the children, moves, lost jobs, utilities, mortgages, and questionable binge watching . . . the Netflix bill has been paid. Every month. For 18 years.

And now Netflix has given us "Queer Eye," and thank goodness for that show these days. 

It's like it grew up while I was watching.

For the average household in Cleveland Heights and University Heights, the school levy is about as much as a Netflix subscription. Except instead of just getting "Nailed It" for yourselves, you're giving Shakespeare to a generation of kids. You're providing critical childcare to neighbors who have to choose whether to be in the workforce. 

For you, it's a Netflix subscription. For much of this community, it's a lifeline. And if this levy fails, the people who make this community a place [where] you want to live will be scrambling to pick up the pieces, and you won't have anywhere to go for comfort except into the arms of five gay men with perfect hair and unrelenting positivity.

Vote “yes” on 69. Tell them Bobby sent you.

Jeremy Baldwin

Jeremy Baldwin is a dad, husband, writer and photographer.

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Volume 13, Issue 11, Posted 3:30 PM, 10.23.2020