‘Scareborough’ Road addresses Halloween during the pandemic

Scarborough homes may be displaying one of two signs this Halloween.

Scarborough Road in Cleveland Heights is known for its enthusiastic participation in Halloween. Many of the street’s residents put up elaborate displays during the month of October, and residents on the middle block of the street hang a banner on Oct. 31, rechristening the street “Scareborough,” to welcome trick-or-treaters.

Unofficial counts estimate the yearly number of trick-or-treaters on the street at more than 1,000—give or take a few sneaky ghosts and goblins who manage to go through the candy lines twice.

But Halloween 2020 will be different on “Scareborough” due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing.

Scarborough residents in the middle block created a website to address the changes, and to offer residents resources to try to ensure a safe, fun holiday.

The website, http://scarb.fun, states, “We need to address trick-or-treating differently this year, following guidance from the city and state, as well as addressing the needs of our neighbors.

“Though we may still be big on decorating, expect fewer Scarborough neighbors to be handing out candy this year.

“Before you consider going out, we recommend reading the Halloween guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which lists as a high-risk activity participating in traditional trick-or-treating, where treats are handed to children who go door to door.

“To clearly indicate participation this year, Scarborough neighbors may have one of two signs posted on their front doors or in their yards, ‘Welcome’ or ‘Sorry.’ 

“In particular, please look for the sign that says ‘Sorry,’ so you can make the most of the shorter trick-or-treating time.”

The website invited Heights residents to download the signs for their own use on Halloween.

Sheryl Banks

Sheryl Banks is a Cleveland Heights resident, who lives on Scarborough Road.

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