Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education regular meeting highlights 7-7-2020

JULY 7, 2020


  • Public comments
  • Recognition
  • Five-year forecast
  • Lay Finance Committee report
  • Board comments on budget
  • School reopening


Present were President Jodi Sourini, Vice President James Posch, Treasurer Pro Tem Beverly Wright, Dan Heintz (who left early), and Malia Lewis. Also present were Superintendent Elizabeth Kirby and Treasurer Scott Gainer. The meeting lasted about two and a half hours.

Public comments

Two community members urged the board to make additional cuts to the budget to avoid a new levy being put on the November ballot.

The head of the Cleveland Heights Teachers Union expressed serious concerns to the Board about the practicality of opening the schools without causing risk of COVID infection for students and staff members.


Superintendent Kirby recognized Kahari Hicks and Coach Mac Stephens for their leadership in creating the now regional Build the Bridge program.

Five-year forecast

The board approved the treasurer’s five-year forecast. The five-year forecast is available online from the Board of Education webpage.

Lay Finance Committee report

Ryan Routh represented the lay finance committee and shared their recommendations, which were to place a current expense levy on the November 2020 ballot rather than waiting until 2021, and for the levy to be between 4.8 and 8.5 mills, based on the considerations stated in the PowerPoint report, which can be found on BoardDocs

Board comments on budget

Board Members Heintz and Posch had concerns that the budget for this school year is too tight and requested that the superintendent look for additional cuts.

School reopening

Superintendent Kirby presented a draft reopening plan to the board of education. She stressed that this is a draft, and that community input will be solicited. The plan used staff and family survey results to attempt to design a reopening that would create safe and educationally sound programming. It contains both in-person options and remote options for the school reopening . Details can be found on BoardDocs.

The next meeting will be a work session on July 21, at 7:30 p.m.

LWV Observers: Robin Koslen and Rosemarie Fairman.

The June 24 Work Session was not covered.

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