Parent wishes she'd used Heights school sooner

When my son was ready for kindergarten, I looked at the school report card and, like many, decided that I would never send my son to Heights schools. After a long search, I enrolled him in a charter school where we had one problem after another. I felt like his teacher had written him off after just two months in class. She only listed problems without ever giving solutions. I felt like I was failing my son—the worst feeling in the world. 

After another year of poor (or nonexistent!) communication and the school constantly switching my son’s classroom, I was fed up! They made me feel like he was unable to learn, and I just didn’t believe that. 

I finally called CH-UH and explained my situation through tears. The next week, my son started at Boulevard Elementary School, and on his first day I met not only his teacher and principal but also the office staff, nurse, and social worker. The social worker and I discussed my concerns, which she passed on to his teacher, who discussed them with me the next day and offered a clear plan.

Two weeks later, my son told me that at the other school he felt like he was always in trouble, but at this school he feels smart. He learned more in four months at Boulevard than he had in the previous year and a half. 

Boulevard is everything I wanted for my child: a diverse learning environment with teachers who are genuinely invested in their students; and a firm but gentle leader who listens to both students and parents. I know that my concerns will never fall on deaf ears. My only regret is listening to the negativity and not sending my son to a CH-UH school sooner. We are truly blessed to be Heights Tigers! 

Chandre Ford

Chandre Ford is a Cleveland Heights resident, proud parent of a Boulevard Elementary School first-grader, and active member of the Boulevard PTA.

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Volume 13, Issue 3, Posted 10:08 AM, 02.28.2020