University Heights passes Move to Amend Resolution

On Dec. 16, University Heights City Council unanimously approved Resolution 2019-70, “Calling on Congress to Amend The United States Constitution to Establish that Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech.”

Both of these constitutional doctrines—political money as free speech, and corporations are persons—have caused tremendous harm to people, to communities, and to democracy itself.

Move to Amend [seeks to reduce] the negative influence of big money on elections, [and to] reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, [via] a constitutional amendment [that would end] corporate personhood and money as free speech. Move to Amend [would] also abolish the right of corporate entities “not to speak,” which has prevented communities from knowing about harmful products in food and water. The amendment, supported by the national group Move to Amend, will allow cities like University Heights to provide preferential treatment to small businesses over big chains.

In passing this resolution, University Heights became the 25th community in Ohio taking a stand to end corporate constitutional rights and money as free speech.

Scott Wachter

Scott Wachter is a resident of University Heights.

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Volume 13, Issue 2, Posted 11:18 AM, 02.10.2020