A park at Meadowbrook-Lee?

Phase 1 of the proposed park, as drawn by Ralph Solonitz.

Cleveland Heights residents may be interested to know that Ralph Solonitz, Garry Kanter and I submitted a plan for turning the city-owned space at Meadowbrook-Lee into a small urban park. Over the years we have submitted three similar proposals in response to CH City Hall’s RFPs for that space.

Our proposal is that the city work with us, and a committee of like-minded residents, for two years to raise $1 million to pay for the design and creation of an interesting urban space, with a fountain kids and people can interact with, a small stage, and an open space for food trucks and a farmers’ market, etc.

If the funds can’t be raised, no park. But, there is little to lose by trying. It is well documented that parks like these contribute to the economic well-being of the community. And, in the end, it will probably cost much less to build and maintain a park than the subsidies that the city will provide to a company that puts a building there.

Our proposal has been rejected all three times. (Or is it four times? I can’t remember.) Our committee just wants everyone to know of our efforts—actually, some of you may have been involved in our first effort several years ago.

If you think that a smart, sophisticated park at Meadowbrook and Lee is a good idea, I hope that you will contact Cleveland Heights Economic Development Director Tim Boland, 216-291-4857, tboland@clvhts.com, and City Manager Tanisha Briley, 216-291-3737, citymanager@clvhts.com, or anyone and everyone else that you think can help with this. Thank you.

Fran Mentch

Fran Mentch was a leader of Citizens for Oakwood, the group that tried to stop the development of the former Oakwood Country Club. For more information, visit www.citizensforoakwood.org.

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:12 AM, 10.01.2019