In support of a directly elected mayor

Cleveland Heights' current system of government is an inefficient, outdated structure that is ill-equipped to meet the needs of a dynamic, growing city. The title of mayor in Cleveland Heights is simply an honorific, and the executive with actual power—the city manager—is an appointed role, not an elected one. This bureaucratic obfuscation is unnecessary, and only serves to dilute accountability.

The solution is a directly elected, full-time mayor. This mayor would be accountable directly to the public, and able to devote all of his or her energies into making our city a great(er) place [in which] to live and work.

Our neighbors in Shaker Heights and University Heights have seen much progress and success with their directly elected mayors. We should not be afraid to learn from them and make a change for the better.

A responsive, dedicated public servant is what the citizens of Cleveland Heights require, and what they deserve. I hope they will join me in voting in support of the ballot measure in November.

Alan DeLong

Alan DeLong is a resident of Cleveland Heights.

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 6:32 PM, 09.03.2019