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Cooper (left) makes a friend at Walter Stinson Community Park during a recent concert.

Cooper the Chicken, the brand ambassador for the city of University Heights, is now on Instagram. He can be followed at “cooperchicken.”

In his role as brand ambassador, Cooper celebrates all things University Heights—from parades and concerts, to lemonade stands and local businesses.

Cooper originated as a nameless stuffed toy chicken wearing a T-shirt bearing the new University Heights logo, distributed at last year’s University Heights Civic Awards. A “Name That Chicken” contest soon followed, with the name “Cooper” being submitted, independently, by Clare Nolan and Jackson Lovato.

Earlier this summer, according to lore, a bag of Bialy’s Mish Mosh mix somehow got spilled on the Cooper toy at the reception desk at UH City Hall. There must have been some magic in that Mish Mosh mix he found, as the Cooper toy came to life and began to dance around.

After explaining his love for the city, Cooper was hired by Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan to serve as the city’s first brand ambassador. The job doesn’t pay, but Cooper is permitted to live in the basement at city hall.

Mike Cook

Mike Cook is the communications and civic engagement coordinator for University Heights.

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