Paws CLE and Lox, Stock and Brisket are 2019 'best new businesses'

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  • Anthony Zappola (right), owner of Lox, Stock and Brisket, 2019 Best New Restaurant or Bar winner, with employee E.J. Keating.

  • Paws CLE owner Jeff Bradish (left), winner of the 2019 Best New Business, with customer Siggy.

  • Destiny Burns, owner of CLE Urban Winery, winner of the 2019 Best Cleveland Heights Business and Best Heights Vibe. Photo courtesy Destiny Burns.

  • Steve and Adam Grace and the crew at Fairmount Cleaners, 2019 Best University Heights Business winner.

  • The bathroom at Gigi's on Fairmount. Gigi's was a 2019 winner in the categories of Best Customer Bathroom and Best Interior Style, and was a finalist for Best Exterior Style.

  • Leo Gluck, owner of Fishstix, 2019 Best New Restaurant of Bar finalist.

  • Valerie Ross and Hannah Smith, owners of Sits 'n Wiggles, 2019 Best Cleveland Heights Business finalist.

  • Sarah Nemecek, owner of Studio How-To,  2019 Best New Business finalist, with her son, Jack.

  • Scott Robertson, owner of Stems Fleur, a finalist in the 2019 Best New Business category.

  • Rachel Gross, co-owner of Bialy's Bagels, a 2019 Best University Heights Business finalist.

  • Gigi's on Fairmount owners, Gia and Jim Patsch, winners of Best Interior and Best Customer Bathroom for 2019. Photo courtesy Jim Patsch.

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