University Heights City Council meeting highlights 1-22-2019

JANUARY 22, 2019


  • Mayor’s comments
  • Fair Housing Commission appointment
  • Board of Zoning Commission appointments
  • Change to inspection permitting fines
  • County solid waste management plan
  • Temporary supplemental appropriations
  • Fair housing violation complaint
  • Online parking system
  • Service department updates
  • Upcoming infrastructure projects
  • Change in council meeting locations


Present were Mayor Michael D. Brennan, Vice Mayor Susan Pardee, Pamela Cameron (arrived at 7:30), Phil Ertel, John Rach, Michele Weiss and Mark Wiseman. Also present were Law Director Luke McConville Clerk of Council and Kelly Thomas. The meeting was held from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Mayor’s comments

Mayor Brennan announced that because of issues with the chair lift in city hall (only one bid was received to replace the it), and concerns that a replacement won’t solve the issue, council meetings will be held, for the time being, in the public meeting room at the CH-UH Board of Education building at 2155 Miramar Boulevard. Due to a scheduling conflict, the second meeting in February will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The mayor also reported that the MLK essay contest for school children asking “What do the words of Martin Luther King mean today?” drew an overwhelming response, and the city administration is still reading the essays.

Fair Housing and BZA Commission appointments

Patti Carlyle has been reappointed to the University Heights Fair Housing Commission, which was reestablished in May. Three people were appointed in staggered terms, with Ms. Carlyle’s term being the first to expire. (The commission has not had reason to meet yet.) Ann Mannen and Kelly Jablonski have been reappointed to the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals Commission for a two-year term beginning February 1. Linda Johnson has resigned from her seat, leaving an additional opening to fill.

Inspection permitting fines

[University Heights Building Commissioner] James McReynolds noted the inconvenience and cost to the building department from people not showing up for their scheduled inspections. Attorney McConville repeated Councilman Sims’ concern at the previous meeting that the fines be applied uniformly. Council approved McReynolds’ request to levy a fine of $100 when a person fails to show up for a third time. He noted that out of all the scheduled appointments each month, there are two-four persons who do not show, and most of those people own rental properties.

County solid waste management plan

Council is being asked to approve implementation of the county’s solid waste management plan. Extensive materials outlining the plan were distributed to council members to be discussed and voted on at the next meeting.

Temporary supplemental appropriations

Council granted Mr. Goffe’s request to approve the reissue of purchase orders that were opened in 2018 and not completed. Due to the switch to a new accounting system all orders had to be closed out and reopened with the remaining purchases. This does not increase the actual cost of the authorized purchases. Bank reconciliations for November and December have also been submitted but are still interim due to the transfer of records to the new system.

Fair housing violation complaint

Mr. McConville reported that the Fair Housing Center had filed a complaint of fair housing violations by one landlord. The landlord has replied that the charges are false and that the code is unconstitutional by being overly broad.

Online parking system

Police Chief Rogers announced that the online parking permission site, allowing people to request parking exceptions for overnight or special circumstances parking, should be available next week.

Service department updates

Mayor Brennan reported that tree pruning and tree removal is continuing throughout the winter, and leaf collection will resume in April. In the meantime, homeowners can bag their leaves and leave them with the trash.

Upcoming infrastructure projects

City Engineer Joe Ciunni reported that, starting in February, East Ohio Gas will be replacing gas lines between Fairmount and Hillbrook, from Saybrook to Edgerton: approximately four miles of pipes.

Susan Drucker, economic development director, announced that grant applications are being accepted for storefront and curb appeal improvements for small businesses in a one-year trial program. Patrick Grogan Myers, community development director, is meeting with the Cedar Taylor Merchant Association about potential new design elements. He also reported that NOACA Livable Communities Initiative is looking at the Taylor Road Corridor to make it more amenable to all types of transportation, including bicycles.

LWV Observer: Wendy S. Deuring.

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