Addendum to December letter re: Top of the Hill

One of our readers alerted Heights Observer staff to the fact that in publishing a letter by Richard Bozic ["Top of the Hill design should reflect Cedar Fairmount style"] in the December issue, we failed to disclose that he was "a (very recent) former chair of the CH Architectural Board of Review."

We were unaware of that, and confirmed with Bozic that he was indeed a former member who "left the board at the end of 2016, almost 2 years ago . . . (and) was the chairman in 2016."

We regret the omission, and remind writers that we ask that they disclose any affiliations that may be relevant to what they are writing about.

Kim Sergio Inglis

Kim Sergio Inglis is editor-in-chief of the Heights Observer, and is a Cuyahoga County master gardener volunteer.

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 11:56 AM, 01.02.2019