2017 Heights Observer Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts less than $50.00

Floral notepad, Eastwood Furniture Loft

Find something for everyone on your list at the many independent merchants in the Heights. Most will gift wrap or ship your items, too. Here are some of our favorites:

Floral notepad, Mavec Collections. ($16.00, Holiday Pop–Up Shop in Eastwood Furniture Loft)

Eco–friendly shopping bag, Mavec Collections. ($32.00, Holiday Pop–Up Shop in Eastwood Furniture Loft)

Hand relief cream. Soothe your hands with a classic Aveda aroma this Winter. ($24.00, Quintana’s Barber and Dream Spa)

Old World Christmas® ornaments. ($14.99 to $19.99, Bremec on the Heights Garden Center)

Lampe Berger gift set. ($44.99, Bremec on the Heights Garden Center)

Sandwich Anarchy by author/illustrator John G. A collection of 10 years of Melt Bar & Grilled posters into one volume, from the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Melt to the Brat Pack Breakfast Club Melt (Pixy Stix included!), along with the stories behind the images ($25.00 to $30.00, depending on location, Melt, Appletree Books, Mac’s Backs)

Holiday maker workshops: Learn and make your own gifts in one or more of our special holiday workshops. Workshops available for adults and kids. ($35.00 to $50.00, Studio How-To)

A variety of wines, including Cleveland Rocks Christmas Red--our holiday-spiced Cabernet Sauvignon blend that is the wine companion to Cleveland's vast Holiday Beer selection. Gift wrapping and gift baskets are available. ($20.00 to $30.00, CLE Urban Winery)

Come in and create a one–of–a–kind beaded treasure for someone you love. (Prices vary, Cleveland Rocks and Beads)

Hostess/teacher gift basket. ($30.00 to $50.00, The Wine Spot)

Handmade artisan cocktail drink mixer set. Includes mixer, coordinating glass and recipes. Six different flavors available, such as charred grapefruit and gingerbread. ($28.00, Blush Boutique)

Versatile shawl vest, many colors available. ($38.00, Blush Boutique)

Hats, gloves, and scarves. (prices vary, Blush Boutique)

Elephant Pant. ($30.00, Atma Center)

Aegean Sea yoga mat. ($32.95, Atma Center)

Copper Bells. ($38.50, Atma Center)

Red Daisy cooking set. This little suitcase carries everything kids need to make dinner! ($32.00, Pinwheel Kids)

Construct a Truck. Take this dump truck apart and put it back together again with your own set of tools. Truck operates on battery–free friction power. ($22.00, Pinwheel Kids)

Infrared Mini Flyer. This amazing toy uses an infrared sensor to keep it flying. Small enough for indoor play. ($20.00, Pinwheel Kids) 

White ceramic mug. ($10.00, Luna Bakery &Café)

Black traveler mug. ($25.00, Luna Bakery &Café)

Kids t–shirt, crewneck, available in pink and grey. ($16.00, Luna Bakery &Café)

Adult T-shirt, crewneck and women’s neck, available in pink and grey. ($18.00, Luna Bakery &Café)

Wood prints, Nancy Luken. ($18.00 to $35.00, Heights Arts)

Needle-felted winter toadstool houses, Erin Carlson. ($30.00, Heights Arts)

Ohio peg game. ($25.00, In the 216)

Waddle rattle socks, assorted designs. ($22.95 - $26.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Sqigz. ($27.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Mini Buddha board. ($16.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

WAFF journals, assorted colors and sizes. (mini $12.50, medium $20.95, large $28.95; S’Wonderful Gifts)

Donut socks, assorted “flavors.” ($12.00, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Nanoblock kits, assorted. ($16.95 to $44.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Masterpiece shirts, assorted masterpieces. ($42.00 to $44.00, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Kids’ backpacks. ($29.95 to $37.95; S’Wonderful Gifts)

The 100 Year Trail: A Centennial Celebration of Cleveland's Metroparks by Judy Mackeigan and Cleveland Metroparks staff. A gift book that lovingly celebrates the Emerald Necklace ($39.95, Mac's Backs)

Sassy ven mitts. ($12.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Pet food bowl sets, dog or cat. ($14.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Vegan leather cat coin purses, assorted colors. ($20.00, S’Wonderful Gifts)

Kids’ pendulum clocks, assorted designs. ($48.95, S’Wonderful Gifts)

1960s wool tweed form fitting straight skirt made for Sears. ($15.00, Vintage Apparel)

1960s acrylic A–line Missoni style zig zag knit dress made for Queens Way to Fashion. ($45.00, Vintage Apparel) 

Tin lunchboxes, over 20 varieties. ($15.00 to $24.00, Big Fun)

Mr. Brisket gift cards. (any amount)

CLE Trio of 4 oz candles. Scents: CLE Magic, Ohio Harvest, and Cleveland Snow. ($24.00 each, The Cleveland Candle Co.)

Believing in  Cleveland: Managing Decline in "The Best Location in the Nation" by Mark Souther. Richly detailed history that looks closely at Cleveland urban policy in the last several decades ($29.5, Mac's Backs)

Customized gift sets ($25.00 to $45.00 each, The Cleveland Candle Co.)

Lost Cleveland by Laura DeMarco. Fascinating Cleveland history book of landmarks, cultural attractions and iconic buildings that been removed or replaced. ($19.95, Mac's Backs)

The Blueprint: Lebron James, Cleveland's Deliverance and the Making of the Modern NBA by Jason Lloyd. An absorbing new Cav's book to add to the sports shelf alongside recent accounts by Terry Pluto, Brian Windhorst and Chris Parker ($28.00, Mac's Backs)

Mike Belkin: Socks, Sports, Rock and Art by Mike Belkin and Carlo Wolff. Memoir and must have for music fans ($24.95, Mac's Backs)

Jessica Schantz

Jessica Schantz is the e-news manager at the Heights Observer and a long-time resident of Cleveland Heights. 

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 11:46 AM, 11.06.2017