Jason S. Stein - Cleveland Heights City Council Candidate

Jason Stein


3510 Severn Rd  Cleveland Hts., OH  44118      Age: 36

E-mail: stein4council@gmail.com WEB:  http://www.steinforclevelandheights.com Blog: http://councilmanstein.blogspot.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JasonStein1

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/steinforcouncil


Education:  B.A. Occupation: Supervisor, O.D.A.R. Qualifications: I was raised in Cleveland Heights and am the product of our CH-UH Public School system. Cleveland Heights City Council 2011 – present.  Chair, Public Safety and Health Committee 2012 – present.  Chair Administrative Services Committee 2011 Community: CH-UH School Lay Facilities Committee 2010 - 2011.  CH-UH Library Board Trustee 2010 – 2011.  Cleveland Heights Citizens Advisory Committee 2008 - 2011.  


1. Improve life: In my opinion, the most important function that City Government serves is to implement policies that create the type of City that residents are proud to call home. Cleveland Heights is composed of a diverse, informed and active citizenry. As a current Councilman, I do my best to make time to meet with and listen to the concerns and ideas of individuals and groups of Cleveland Heights residents. By listening to the people of Cleveland Heights, I feel that I am better able to construct policies that will make Cleveland Heights better.

2. School bond issue: I am a graduate of Boulevard, Wiley and Heights High School (1995). I believe that our schools are in need of an investment. However, I have some concerns and questions that I need answered before I am able to make a decision about this plan.  

3. New development: New developments and redevelopment of commercial and residential areas are needed to create additional tax revenues without raising the tax burden on our residents. Incentives such as tax abatement should be considered but only authorized after a thorough review of the facts and figures to determine the value to the tax payers.

4. Revenue: Working to revitalize the city’s lagging commercial areas such as Noble and Taylor Road. Also, we need to capitalize on our location to University Circle. I hope to construct a marketing campaign to attract young professional families to relocate to Cleveland Heights and attract new businesses that create jobs and care about the neighborhood. The campaign will highlight the City’s many assets such as affordable and historic homes, beautiful public parks, walkable neighborhoods, bike friendly roads, great schools, happening commercial districts, commitment to the Arts, close proximity to University Circle, museums, Cleveland Clinic, UH and more.

5. Housing market: The vacant housing situation calls for a multi facet approach to turn it around. Continuing and increasing cooperation with the Cuyahoga Land Bank is a top priority. The Cuyahoga Land Bank is able to negotiate with the banks to have them turn over old, foreclosed homes so that the City can either renovate or demolish the foreclosed property. As well, we must attract good neighbors to purchase homes here. The down payment assistance program and the Heights Repair Resource Center is a couple of the incentives for prospective residents to purchase in Cleveland Heights.

6. Regionalism: Regionalism is the present and future of Cleveland Heights and the region as a whole. For example, I have advocated joining the Regional Income Tax Agency, entering into a joint study with Shaker and University Heights to explore the potential benefits of merging Fire Departments, collaborating with University Heights on sharing a salt dome and garbage disposal and there is more to come. Regionalism is about working together to improve the quality and efficiency of City services.   

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Volume 6, Issue 10, Posted 12:22 PM, 10.02.2013