HeightsWrites: Poems for August 2011

On Friday, Aug. 5, Heights Arts and Dobama Theatre will present “High Noon Haiku,” a slam for Haiku poets. Kathleen Cerveny, the 2009 haiku master, will defend her title, and several other poets, including Geoff Landis, 2009 Runner-Up, will vie for the championship. Here is a haiku sampler- traditional, contemporary, profound, silly, and touching. The haiku is infinitely versatile. 

            -- Meredith Holmes

The temple  bell stops –

But the sound keeps coming

out of the flowers

           -Matuso Basho (1644-1694)

The moon over the roof

Worms in the garden.

I rent this house.

           -Alan Ginsburg 

Let it be like this:

Moon drunk sky. Stone-slip silent –

Water’s warm embrace.

            -Darlene  Montonaro

Together again

At the stoplight – was it worth

All of the speeding?

            -Aaron Naperstek 

Life rushes on

Faster and faster – but the

Fact is, you can’t rush toast.

            -Tom Wilson

I’ve one boy, one man,

Two dogs, one job, and too few

Hours in a day

            -Brenda Gray

Meredith Holmes

Freelance writer-editor and a thirty-year resident of Cleveland Heights. I am active in HeightsArts and serve on the HeightsWrites committee. I was Cleveland Heights's first Poet Laureate.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 11:49 AM, 08.02.2011