Poems for April

These three poems, all by John Burroughs arise from the poet’s careful attention to meaning, the world, and to consciousness itself. They invite the reader to observe and meditate, as well.

Do Dew

Half awake thoughts

Are often the clearest

Unclouded by day dreams

Day schemes

Day screams

Still cool

Gently coated with dew

Soon to be evaporated into Do.

One Beautiful Moment

One beautiful moment

Outweighs by far

A lifetime of okay

I Ku*

I've spent all this time

Finding levy's city's lines.

When will I find mine?

John Burroughs is a Buddho-Taoist pacifist, poet, who lives in Elyria, Ohio. His works have appeared in dozens of print and online publications. Founder of the Crisis Chronicles Press and Online Library, John cohosts the Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza held at Lakewood's Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer Café.


* “I Ku” was published online in the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle.  

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