The University Square garage is nearing repair completion - will you feel safe?

The site has been reviewed by the University Heights City Engineer Joseph Ciuni,

And his project manager, Edward Franks. They report a Dec. 18, visit with engineering consultants, Raths, Raths & Johnson for the owner of the property, Inland Management Company of Chicago.

The review concluded that reinforcement, supplemental steel supports, painting, waterproofing the top deck and on and on … all will result in a safely restored structure. 

Knowing that I’m safe is different than feeling safe in a specific space.

I drove over to the University Square site.

My 1998 Olds Aurora, triple black beauty had no problem maneuvering up the ramp to the top level, past the areas that were repaired and upward towards the birds eye view where the sky meets neighborhood rooftops ... a beautiful view if you take the time to simply look up instead of searching for that close parking space.

My thoughts drifted off to a time when the “Old May Company on the Heights,” held Rock 'n' Roll record hops on the parking lot grounds.

They were complete with 45 rpm records and free IFIC buttons. Google that.

Let’s have a rock concert on the rooftop. Wow, what a great way to replace fear and darkness with fun festival memories.

Perception is reality.

Beams, waterproofing and structural integrity are important. Dancing, music, food and joy are what memories should be made of.

University Square can be Hip!

Bring on the garage bands!

Rock on, Ralphy.

Cleveland Heights resident Ralph Solonitz (artist/writer) was born in 1947 in Munich, Germany, the son of Holocaust survivors. He began doodling very early on...first in German and a few years later in his new language English. His father gave him motivational advice..."Stop your doodling, you are vasting time and vill amount to nutting." Fast forward 55 years, thousands of dollars in therapy and he still can't stop doodling.

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Volume 2, Issue 3, Posted 1:20 PM, 02.17.2009