Ruffing Montessori Demonstrates Curriculum in a Green School

Lower Elementary students observe Ruffing’s alternate energy system and the geothermal exchange unit

Ruffing Montessori School’s unique green curriculum plan will be explained and examples of specially designed classroom materials displayed in a program in the Parenting Toolbox Lecture Series, “Growing Up Green,” at the school at 6:45 pm on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

Located at 3380 Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights, the independent school recently completed a comprehensive redevelopment project to incorporate extensive high performance building technology features for a healthier learning environment for students and faculty.

Adding a green school curriculum to educate students to commit to stewardship of natural resources was a fundamental goal in the redevelopment.

The curriculum on every level from age 3 through Middle School is in place and continues to grow. It accentuates activities, experiments and projects that expand students’ understanding of sustainability.

The public is invited to hear Ruffing Head of School Gordon Maas and curriculum consultant Marilyn Doerr, Ph.D. explain the overall goals and focus of the green curriculum within a school that models high performance energy technology. Their introduction will be followed by a panel discussion by Ruffing faculty members from the four levels of the school explaining the age-appropriate vocabulary and materials and hands-on projects and experiments in use in their classrooms to help students connect their learning to the outside world.

Call 216-321-7571 to save a space. Go to for more information about the event.

ABOUT RUFFING Ruffing Montessori, the second Montessori school established in the United States, serves more than 300 students from age 18 months through Middle School; is accredited by ISACS and the Ohio Department of Education and is a member Cleveland Council of Independent Schools.

Carol Provan is Director Development at Ruffing Montessori School.

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