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Events for Saturday, August 15, 2020

Noble Gardeners' Market
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
NGM is a hyper local market of neighbors selling fruit, vegetables and flowers to neighbors. Anyone who grows in their backyard or community garden may sell. Buyers enjoy supporting neighbors. Learn more on our website.
Noble Road at Roanoke Road, one block north of Monticello Blvd.
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Akron Area Solar and EV Charger Workshop
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
The Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op

The Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability and the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors 0f Ohio offer county residents the opportunity to save on the cost of going solar by joining the Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op. Co-op members join with their neighbors to form a buyer’s co-op for the purchase of in home solar power.
The first step is to learn the basics by attending an online interactive info session.
Our next sessions:
* Saturday August 15 3:00 pm Akron Area Solar and Electric Vehicle Charger Workshop
* Thursday August 27 6 pm Akron Area Solar and Electric Vehicle Charger Workshop
These Meetings are for all of Ohio including Cuyahoga County.
Sign up to attend an online info session at Solarunitedneighbors.org/ohio Look for the “Events in Ohio” tab
This is a great opportunity to learn about the financial incentives and savings offered by this environmentally friendly emerging technology without having to deal with a high pressure sales pitch.
Topics covered will include:
* The 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit.
* How to find out if your home is right for solar.
* Using Cuyahoga County’s low interest HELP Loan Program to purchase a solar system.
* Technical advances and typical industry warranties.
* The cost of adding storage batteries or an electric car charging port.
For more details go to Solarunitedneighbors.org/ohio

Online Event Go to http://Solarunitedneighbors.org and find the "Events in Ohio" tab
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