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Events for Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dadsday Run Club now until June 21st, 2020
12:00 AM
A new socially distanced event to help support Family Connections in 2020.
Get Up, Get Out and Go!
Join the club as we put in the miles to stay healthy and fit leading up to DADSDAY weekend! Accept our challenge to run (or walk) and raise pivotal funds for Family Connections, whose service to families with young children is needed now more than ever.

Recruit your children, friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members as we come together while keeping our distanceŚwith the same shared mission, but in a way unlike any of our previous 17 years supporting this great cause. Visit our website to sign up
This is a virtual event, Visit our website @ www.familyconnections1.org to join the club!
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