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Events for Saturday, October 6, 2018

SAT Testing
8:00 AM

Heights High
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Free Half-day Permaculture Class
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tom Gibson, local Permaculture Expert, will teach a special abbreviated course on Permaculture October 6 and members of the community are invited. Tom will lead a review of Permaculture techniques while a continental breakfast is offered. The class will be followed by a hands-on construction of a lasagna bed; then a hot lunch will be served in appreciation of the hard work.

Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with very little effort. The name “lasagna gardening” or “sheet composting” has nothing to do with what you’ll be growing in this garden. It refers to the method of building the garden bed, which is, essentially, adding layers of organic materials that will “cook down” over time, resulting in rich, fluffy soil that will help your plants thrive. The first layer of your lasagna garden consists of corrugated cardboard laid directly on top of the grass where the new bed is planned in your garden. This is followed by layers of compost, mulch, and soil which breakdown over the winter to provide a dark, moist area for earthworms that will loosen up the soil as they tunnel through it. Permaculture is great for the environment because you’re using because an organic compost made up of food waste is used and essentially composts in place to make a new garden.

Tom will show the class a shortened version of last year’s slides but include a history and description of the plants installed this last spring in the Permaculture bed. He’ll explain what pollinators they attract as well as the role that perennials play in carbon sequestration, a process that pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and puts it in long-term storage elsewhere. During the class, we’ll be measuring the circumference of four trees nearby to determine the amount of carbon they sequester every year.

This is the second Permaculture class held at Peace Lutheran Church, 3470 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights and will run from 9 am Saturday until about 12 noon at (rain date is October 20). Last year about 25 volunteers attended who built a lasagna bed which was planted this spring. There is no fee, but advance registration is requested. To register, contact Binnie Eiger at peaceclehts@gmail.com or 216-382-4545.

Peace Lutheran Church, 3470 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights OH 44121
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Best of the Bricks Bike Tour
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Meet at the corner of Roxboro Road and W. St. James Parkway, just north of Roxboro Elementary School
Leader: Mary Dunbar, Cleveland Heights City Councilmember
Best of the Bricks: Join us for an all-skills bike ride to learn about the history and architecture of some of our most noteworthy and impressive brick buildings.
Corner of Roxboro Road and W. St. James Parkway
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Jung and Ecology Workshop
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Jungian Ecopsychology: Establishing a Sense of Place in the Midwest
We are honored to host Dr. Dennis Merritt, Jungian analyst and ecopsychologist from Madison, WI. The importance of a balanced relationship to our environment is increasingly pressing. Please join us to of explore this challenge through the unique lens of depth psychology. Our Midwestern landscape has been sculpted by ancient glaciers. Using myth, cultural stories of nature, and film, this workshop will open connections to the transcendent and sacred aspects of this geological history; and illustrate how this appreciation is an essential aspect to establishing, healing, and maintaining a sense of self. Participants will have opportunities to share their experiences of the land and seasons in their many dimensions. Continuing Ed credits available. $85 member/$95 non-member/$35 student.
Forest Hill Church Presbyterian
3031 Monticello Blvd, Cleveland Heights OH 44118
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