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Cedar Fairmount Fall Family Festival scheduled for Oct. 22

The Cedar Fairmount Fall Family Festival, offering free entertainment for adults and children, is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 22, noon to 5 p.m. The event will celebrate the completion of the Cedar Fairmount Streetscape.  

This year, many festival activities will take place in the parking lot behind the Heights Medical building. Many popular events, musicians and entertainers who have appeared at past festivals are slated to return. Attendees can enjoy music with Monkey Kats, Get Back Duo, Old Boy, Mark Goldman, and Alex Trawon throughout the day. The Fairmount Cocktail Bar will host a beer garden, with Old Boy scheduled to perform at 5:30 p.m. Local artisans will display their wares in tents around the Heights Medical parking lot, offering handcrafted jewelry, pottery, glass, clothing and more.



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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 12:01 PM, 10.17.2017

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Cleveland Heights City Councilman Kahlil Seren Introduces Legislation to Limit Local Involvement in Federal Civil Immigration Law Enforcement
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Heights voters have multiple opportunities to hear from local candidates

With the Nov. 7 election day approaching, a number of local community organizations have scheduled events in which voters have the opportunity to meet and hear from local candidates.

It's a busy election year for local contests, with three candidates running for the open Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Judgeship, five vying for Cleveland Heights City Council seats, four running for the Board of Education, two for University Heights Mayor, five for University Heights City Council at Large, and two for University Heights City Council 2-Year Unexpired Terms. Additionally, there are two state issues and two county issues on this fall’s ballot.


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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 1:46 PM, 10.10.2017

Heights High's homecoming celebration embraces community

The Fairfax Elementary School contigent marching in the Heights High Community Homecoming Parade.

The Heights Homecoming Celebration, Oct. 6–8, featured a high-energy pep rally, a community parade down Lee Road, discounts at Lee Road businesses, a football game, a high school open house, and the annual Happy 5K & 10K Fun Run.

On Friday, Oct. 6, Heights High’s school day culminated in an all-school pep rally organized by student council. The event recognized all of the fall-season athletic teams and many clubs, and included an award presentation by American Family Insurance to senior football player Tyreke Smith, who has been selected to play in the Under Armour All-American game in January.

The homecoming court was presented to the student body, and a DJ from 107.9-FM emceed a dance off, playing popular music that had many students singing along and bleacher dancing.

A few hours later, the homecoming parade set off along a new route that started at Fairfax Elementary School and proceeded down Lee Road toward the high school.

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 1:37 PM, 10.10.2017

CH council candidates address Noble neighborhood concerns

Noble Neighbors sponsored a Cleveland Heights City Council candidates forum on Oct. 3, at Noble Road Presbyterian Church. Incumbent candidates Cheryl Stephens, Melissa Yasinow and Michael Ungar participated, as did T. Nadas, who is running for a first term. Council Member Jason Stein, who is seeking re-election, was unable to attend and was represented by Council Member Carol Roe.

Noble Neighbors leader Brenda May opened the forum. She explained that questions had been sought from residents, winnowed down to three, and sent to the candidates in advance of the event. May noted that the area served by Noble Neighbors covers two of the city’s eight square miles and is home to more than a quarter of its approximately 44,000 residents. “The health of this part of the city is critical to the health of the city and school district,” she said.

Candidates were given time to make opening and closing remarks, and respond to the three questions: what they saw as assets and opportunities in Noble, how they would promote owner-occupancy, and how they would support the work already being done in the community.

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 11:08 AM, 10.10.2017

Cleveland Public Theatre premieres new play by CH's Eric Coble

Cleveland Public Theatre’s (CPT) world premiere production of “The Family Claxon,” a new play by Cleveland Heights resident Eric Coble, is currently underway at CPT’s Gordon Square Theatre, 6415 Detroit Ave. CPT's production will run through Oct. 28.

“ ‘The Family Claxon’ is my first foray into true absurdist comedy,” stated Coble, “waving a not-so-fond farewell to reality even as I dig into greater, more disturbing truths beneath.”

As the play unfolds, Andrew is throwing a party for Grandad Claxon’s 150th birthday in a last-ditch effort to get the higher-ups to notice him. His plan for promotion might just work, as Grandad is the company’s founding father. If only Andrew’s wife would stop losing jobs and their daughter would stop blogging, while neighbors desperately flood into their home because of nearby rampages and plumbing explosions. And then there’s the Guatemalan Flu, that makes house pets spontaneously combust . . . .

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 11:30 AM, 10.09.2017

Forest Hill is a 'sanctuary' church

Leonor Garcia speaks at the Sept. 12 press conference. Photo by Beth Cubbison Zych.

Cleveland Heights was in the national spotlight on Sept. 12 when Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian held a press conference announcing that it was granting sanctuary to Leonor Garcia, a single mother of four from Akron. The church is among a dozen religious institutions across the United States that are providing sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, and is the first in Northeast Ohio.

“My hope is to encourage more churches to declare themselves sanctuary and open their doors in hospitality to people who are in need,” said Forest Hill Church Pastor John Lentz.

Garcia came to this country as a teenager. “She was a homeowner, had a job, had absolutely no criminal record and had been checking in with immigration officials for years,” said Lentz. Then, when she checked in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in August, for a routine meeting, she was given an ankle monitor and told she would be deported on Sept. 14.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 2:25 PM, 09.29.2017

Klein/Mooney family mourns daughter

Kayleigh Mooney [photos courtesy of Klein/Mooney family]

Kayleigh Mooney could light up a whole room. “She was such a dynamo,” said her father, Kevin. “She has a big, big personality, almost too big for this world.”

He switches back and forth between present and past tense when discussing his 15-year-old daughter, who died on Aug. 17. While her physical self is gone, her presence is very much alive for those who loved her, including her father, her mother, Jessica Klein, and her 12-year-old brother, Nathaniel.

“I make it through each day by walking in her light,” said Kevin. “It’s the only thing that sustains me.”

Jessica described her daughter as gentle but super smart: “She was such a deep thinker. And really, really funny.”

“Parenting her was an amazing experience,” said Kevin. “She was so easy to love.”

Kayleigh’s friends feel the same way. Luisa Soreo, a sophomore at Heights High, met Kayleigh in seventh grade at Roxboro. “I was the new girl, and Kayleigh was surrounded by friends she’d had since kindergarten. But she took me in and was my first real friend. We bonded and could talk about anything.”

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 2:20 PM, 09.29.2017

What matters to you in our council members?

Our homes are our sanctuary from the world. But our contentment there can be hard fought.

We’re busy, consumed with thoughts about jobs, kids, repairs, bills and doctors’ visits. Pricking that contentment are outside issues as well. Streets with damaged trees; sinking sewer grates; broken curbs; cracked, crumbling surfaces; and empty storefronts and homes. But your calls to [Cleveland Heights] City Hall go nowhere. Council members don’t respond to your calls or e-mails.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 2:10 PM, 09.29.2017

The most important election?

Proportionally, our votes count most in municipal elections, yet that’s exactly when Americans are least likely to cast a ballot. For a project “Who Votes for Mayor?” Portland State University researchers analyzed 23 million voting records to understand participation in the most recent local elections in 50 U.S. cities. Among their key findings: 

  • When municipal elections are held in even-numbered years, and especially when they coincide with presidential contests, voter participation is much higher than in off-year elections.
  • In 10 of America’s 30 largest cities, turnout in municipal elections was less than 15 percent.
  • Voters 65 and older are 15 times more likely to cast a local ballot than those between the ages of 18 and 34.
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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 2:07 PM, 09.29.2017

Let's translate outrage to action

Where is the outrage? 

This is the question William Phillis, Ohio’s guardian of public education, poses at the end of most of his blog posts.

Phillis is the standard-bearer for fairness in school funding. In 1992 he left his post as Ohio’s assistant superintendent of public instruction to lead the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding. This alliance of school districts filed suit against the State of Ohio for its failure to meet its constitutional obligation to support public education. In 1997, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in the DeRolph case, finding that the legislature failed to provide for a “thorough and efficient” system of common schools.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 2:05 PM, 09.29.2017

Two teachers

Clair McElfresh, in the 1967 Cleveland Heights High yearbook, looming large in many students' lives.

School always started in September when I was a kid—usually the Wednesday following Labor Day. But it was October, every year, when I established whom I was going to be that year. I was a different person just about every school year, from the sixth grade onward.

I was a guitar-playing misfit, then a greaser, a preppie, a Mod, a hippie, a (faux-)intellectual druggie. Each one brought with it a new set of friends, and clothes. And hairstyle. Through it all, some things remained constant: I was always a joker (usually for some sort of pre-emptive self-defense purposes), a musician and music lover, and a writer.

I went to Heights schools—Coventry, Roosevelt and Heights High—from kindergarten to almost the end of 12th grade, and in all that time, I had exactly two teachers who encouraged me. I guess I can’t blame the rest of them, though, because I always made it clear that I didn’t want to be there and didn’t care about anything that was happening there. Of course, on the other hand, that’s the kind of kid a teacher should try a little harder with, rather than just giving up, by October, and ignoring for the rest of the year.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:27 PM, 10.01.2017

Library hosts free event with comedian and actor CJ Jones

Deaf comedian CJ Jones will appear in Cleveland Heights on Oct. 30.

As part of its commitment to bringing diverse programs to all community members, Heights Libraries is pleased to announce a one-night-only performance by internationally acclaimed deaf comedian and actor CJ Jones on Monday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. Jones' most recent acting role was as Joseph in the Edgar Wright film “Baby Driver.” 

Jones will bring his one-man comedy show to the Cleveland Heights Civic Conference Center, at 3130 Mayfield Road, in a special free appearance sponsored by Heights Libraries.

Registration is required for this event. To register, visit or call 216-932-3600.

For more than 35 years, Jones has been a role model for the deaf community, spreading the message to students and adults alike that being deaf doesn’t make you odd—it makes you unique. His artistry has influenced other deaf actors, comedians and hosts.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:37 PM, 10.01.2017

New theater company comes to Coventry

Members of the new Shahrazad Theatre Company believe that now is the time to refocus attention on the revolutionary playwrights who, throughout history, have thrust audiences into the realm of enriching the human spirit with their provocative stories and the expansion of language.

With this as its goal, Shahrazad Theatre Company will present as its inaugural production Bertolt Brecht’s "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" (rendered into English by Shahrazad Theatre Company).

Brecht helped pioneer one of the most significant shifts in 20th-century art, literature and theater. In "The Caucasian Chalk Circle," which he wrote in 1944 while living in the United States, he gives these lines to his narrator: “We hope you find the voice of this poet, while old, still rings true . . . It may be a mistake to mix different wines, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.”

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:20 PM, 10.01.2017

Small Business Development Center hosts accelerator and marketing workshops

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC), located in the Lee Road Library, is hosting two workshop series this fall.

The Modern Side Hustle series begins on Oct. 10. The three-part workshop will help business owners define their brand, establish a digital presence, and learn about modern marketing tools used to grow businesses and develop products.

SBDC will also host the Accelerate Your Business Launch Lab. If you are considering starting your own business, this workshop can help you determine if you have a valid business idea and a future as a business owner, through hands-on lab sessions, consultations and workshops. 

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:33 PM, 10.01.2017

Heights Chamber Orchestra opens its 35th Season with free concert

These Heights Chamber Orchestra performers are all residents of Cleveland Heights. Front row, from left: Luane Lasky, Nina Sobel, Donna Lalewicz, Caitlin Kelly. Back row, from left: Maryanne Pendergast, Susan Blackwell, Agnes Lina, Dana Stapleton, Music Director Domenico Boyagian, Nancy Cooke, Ellen Rothchild, Lisa Cheshier and Tren Cheshier. [photo by Sue Schieman]

The Heights Chamber Orchestra celebrates the opening of its 35th season on Sunday, Oct. 8, at 3:30 p.m., at the First Baptist Church on Fairmount Blvd. in Shaker Heights. At this concert, the orchestra will announce and introduce its new music director, Domenico Boyagian.

The Heights Chamber Orchestra was started in Cleveland Heights by a University Heights resident 35 years ago. One third of its current performers live in Cleveland Heights. This homegrown ensemble has evolved into one of the premier orchestras in the region, attracting some of the best performers. Many of the 45 members have performed in other area orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra. 

Heights Chamber Orchestra members, all of whom are volunteers, practice up to five weeks for each performance before their first rehearsal. Boyagian said the conductor’s work is in the rehearsals, but in the performance “when a conductor starts the piece, then it takes the orchestra and the audience” to turn it into the journey. Susan Blackwell, clarinetist and board member, agreed. “The feedback performers sense from the audience is mutual," she said. "The orchestra and the audience move through the piece together.”

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:46 PM, 10.01.2017

Heights Arts unveils season 12 of Close Encounters concert series

A Close Encounters performance at the Dunham Tavern Museum Barn.

The Heights Arts Close Encounters chamber music series began in 2005 as an opportunity for members of the Cleveland Orchestra to perform music of their own choosing in the gracious "chambers" of Cleveland Heights residences. Now in its 12th year, the series has matured into a lively concert series which taps the creative talents of fine classical music artists from throughout Northeast Ohio. Under the artistic direction of Cleveland Orchestra violinist Isabel Trautwein, Close Encounters Season 12 presents four musician-designed programs presented in stately residences and unique venues throughout Cleveland. All concerts are at 3 p.m.

This season, concertgoers meet the hottest additions to the music scene: cellist and film producer Dane Johansen, violin-star Jessica Lee, and the Cavani Quartet's new violist, Eric Wong. They will be joining the Omni quartet, Oberlin College's newest bassoon faculty, Drew Pattison, and pianist/composer Teddy Niedermaier, among others. As a bonus, Cleveland Orchestra's English horn player Robert Walters has designed a program of music and original poetry to be performed at the Bop Stop in Hingetown.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:53 PM, 10.01.2017

Local businesses are helping kids stay warm

Shawn Paul Salon, 2483 Lee Boulevard. Photo by Ranen Reichstein.

As all Greater Clevelanders know, fall may be lovely, but winter is just around the corner. Some Heights residents don’t have the proper gear to stay warm.

Many CH-UH students rely on their schools to supply clothes to help keep them warm and dry. In addition to helping them stay comfortable and healthy, hats, gloves and warm footwear help kids make it to school.

If you were supposed to walk one or two miles to work, would you be likely to do it with frozen fingers and toes?

Our schools play an invaluable role, and they need our help.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:29 PM, 10.01.2017

FFHL names Jarvey and McLaughlin to honor roll

Marilyn McLaughlin will be added to the FFHL Honor Roll in recognition of her 40-plus years teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages. (Photo © 2017 Matthew Ginn)

The Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries (FFHL) will name John Jarvey and Marilyn McLaughlin as the initial members of the FFHL Honor Roll at an awards banquet on Nov. 5 at John Carroll University.

The honor is a “lifetime achievement” award, recognizing those who have made a sustained, outstanding contribution to the Cleveland Heights and University Heights community by promoting literacy or by educating through literacy.

The first designees of an honor roll patterned after the Heights Libraries’ mission of “Opening Doors, Opening Minds,” Jarvey will be honored as a “door opener,” and McLaughlin will be inaugurated as a “mind opener.”

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:40 PM, 10.01.2017

AFT president visits CH-UH schools

Randi Weingarten, AFT president, reads to kindergartners at Boulevard Elementary School.

It is not everyday that I get a chance to host the president of a 1.7 million-member organization who is interested in our schools and our community. On Sept. 6, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the teachers’ union affiliate of the AFL-CIO, spent the day in the CH-UH school district.

We started our visit at Boulevard Elementary School. There were nine adults walking around the building trying not to be disruptive. Keep in mind that Boulevard is an open building: you can see over cabinets into classrooms, and there are no doors or walls.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:52 PM, 09.29.2017

Elizabeth Keyes Churchill House

The Churchill home. Photo courtesy Ken Goldberg.

One of the first residences constructed in what became the Ambler Heights allotment, the Elizabeth Keys Churchill house is set far back from Chestnut Hills Drive and likely slightly older than that street.

The house is up the hill from Cedar Glen Parkway. Its original entrance faced the glen, but a reconfiguration of the rooms changed it to facing the street, though set far back from it.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:46 PM, 09.29.2017

Dorothy Silver takes on title role in Dobama production

Dobama Theatre continues its 58th season with the regional premiere of "Marjorie Prime" by Jordan Harrison. A finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, "Marjorie Prime" is an astute and provocative meditation on memory and family, set in the not-too-distant future.

In this future, it is possible to create artificially intelligent holograms of late family members. These so-called “primes” give people the opportunity to continue spending time with their lost loved ones, providing not only comfort, but also assisting with the fading memories of the elderly.

Dorothy Silver, one of Cleveland’s most reknowned actors, will portray the title character. Silver originally performed this role during the play’s staged reading at Cleveland Play House’s New Ground Festival in 2013, where Harrison received the Roe Green New Play Award. During that reading, Silver had the opportunity to meet and work directly with the playwright.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:40 PM, 10.01.2017

HYT celebrates home with 'Into the Woods'

Heights Youth Theatre’s (HYT) production of “Into the Woods” will open on Friday, Oct. 20, and run through Sunday, Oct. 29, at Heights Middle School in University Heights.

The show is directed by Kelly Monaghan, with music direction by Stacy Bolton, and features 80 young actors, in grades 1–12, from Cleveland Heights, University Heights, Shaker Heights, and surrounding communities.

“I am thrilled to be back at HYT’s original ‘home’ directing my all-time favorite musical,” exclaimed Monaghan. “Stephen Sondheim's score is breathtaking, the blending of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales is so poignant and quite clever. But what I am most excited about is the unbelievable talent in these young actors. It has truly blown me away. They are all so gifted in their own unique ways and I am honored to be leading them to help tell this beautiful story.”

Performances will be presented in the Heights Middle School auditorium, 2181 Miramar Blvd., on Friday, Oct. 20 and 27, 7 p.m.; Saturday, Oct. 21 and 28, 2 p.m.; and Sunday, Oct. 22 and 29, 2 p.m.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:08 PM, 10.01.2017

Cedar Lee Theatre presents Met Opera live on screen

The Met: Live in HD, the Metropolitan Opera’s award-winning series of high-definition live cinema simulcasts, will begin its 12th season on Oct.7, with a new production of Bellini’s Norma, directed by Sir David McVicar, conducted by Carlo Rizzi, and starring one of the world’s most acclaimed Normas, Sondra Radvanovsky.

Audiences now will be able to see these 10 live performances from the Met’s 2017-18 season at the Cedar Lee Theatre (2163 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights).

“It’s been a goal of Cleveland Cinemas to bring these incredible operas from the Met to the Cedar Lee Theatre for years,” said Jon Forman, president of Cleveland Cinemas.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:06 PM, 10.01.2017

Peace Lutheran Church set to officially begin

Members of Peace Lutheran Church gather around its temporary new sign.

On Sunday, Oct. 29, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and other Christians around the globe will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. On the Eve of All Saints' Day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Concurrent with the invention of the printing press, this new movement swiftly spread throughout northern and western Europe, leading to other protestant reformations throughout the church catholic. Much healing has occurred through the centuries, and since the Second Vatican Council of the early 1960s, which ushered in the start of the modern ecumenical movement, Lutherans and Roman Catholics have come to realize their oneness in faith.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:43 PM, 09.29.2017

Documentary film explores costs of privatizing education

A free screening of “Backpack Full of Cash,” a documentary film about school reform that uses public funds to privatize education, will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 7 p.m. in the Cleveland Heights High School auditorium, 13263 Cedar Road.

The film, narrated by Matt Damon, uses case studies in two urban school districts to explore how charter schools and vouchers undermine America’s public schools and alternatives to strengthen them.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:42 PM, 09.29.2017

Apollo’s Fire announces its 2017–18 season

Apollo's Fire

On the heels of its 25th-anniversary season, Cleveland Heights-based Apollo’s Fire announces its 2017–18 programs under artistic director Jeannette Sorrell. Apollo's Fire is dedicated to reviving the true spirit of baroque performances.

The season commences in October with Handel’s oratorio Israel in Egypt. Local performances are scheduled for Friday, Oct. 13, at the First Baptist Church in Shaker Heights, and Saturday, Oct. 14, at The Temple-Tifereth Israel in Beachwood. Both performances will begin at 8 p.m. and last approximately two hours, with a 15-minute intermission.

New this year, Apollo’s Fire will offer reduced-price and free tickets as part of its Community Access Initiative. This initiative includes free student rush tickets, free family concerts, and a limited number of $12 “presto seats,” which will become available three weeks before a show begins.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 4:21 PM, 10.01.2017

Octavofest programs return to the Heights

Octavofest: Celebrating the Book and Paper Arts is back this fall. Now in its ninth year, this annual festival, which grew out of programs organized at Heights Libraries by librarian and Heights resident Carole Wallencheck, continues to expand.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:39 PM, 09.29.2017

Reaching Heights event aims to improve school-community communications

Last spring, Reaching Heights invited 73 people—the leaders and active volunteers of groups that support public school students—to participate in several listening sessions about improving communication between the community and the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District. In all, representatives of 26 school-community groups were invited to these meetings, which resulted in a plan to reach out to more people to build stronger relationships and a sustainable communication network.

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, 6:30–8:30 p.m., the public is invited to attend Improving School-Community Communications, a meeting sponsored by Reaching Heights. This open forum will take place in the Cleveland Heights High School cafeteria.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:29 PM, 10.01.2017

CH Senior Center News

The open enrollment period for Medicare is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. Medicare health and drug plans change every year, so it’s time for seniors to review their coverage.

Counselors from the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) will be at the Cleveland Heights Senior Activity Center on Wednesday, Oct. 1, to help seniors review insurance plans and answer questions about Medicare coverage.

Seniors are invited to schedule an appointment to ensure their current health or drug plans are the most cost effective for them, and to learn about the different coverage options.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:31 PM, 10.01.2017

Senior Citizen Happenings

Senior Citizen Happenings, sponsored by the city of University Heights, are open to all senior citizens. Events take place on Thursdays at 2 p.m. To receive the monthly schedule by e-mail, call 216-932-7800, ext. 205, or send an e-mail to

Oct. 5: Rachel Kribbs, director of community programming at the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM), will welcome gifted instrumentalists and vocalists from CIM, one of the country's distinguished music conservatories. [This program will take place at University Heights City Hall.]

Oct. 12: Nancy Levin, director of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library System, will conduct a guided tour of the newly renovated University Heights Library, 13866 Cedar Road, in anticipation of its grand re-opening on Nov. 12 at 2 p.m. [This program will take place at the University Heights Library.]

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:35 PM, 10.01.2017

HRRC plans a full autumn schedule

Now that fall is in full swing, the Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) begins its busy season. In October, HRRC offers classes on insulation and caulking, composting, hardwood floor refinishing, interior painting projects, and much more.

Organizers are especially excited for a Women’s Home How-To Carpentry Series beginning Oct. 4 and running every Wednesday through Nov. 15. Participants will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with power tools and learn some basic carpentry, as well as how to hang drywall, lay and grout ceramic tile, and paint, among other projects.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:37 PM, 09.29.2017

Oct. 28 event benefits women's education

The Cleveland Heights Chapter Q of P.E.O. International will host its sixth annual Afternoon with an Author event on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2 p.m., at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, 3031 Monticello Blvd. in Cleveland Heights.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:31 PM, 09.29.2017

Fair trade teach-in and expo coming to JCU

Initiated in 2005, the Ohio Fair Trade Teach-In & Expo brings people of all ages together from across the state to learn about and become more involved in supporting fair trade—a model for socially and environmentally conscious consumerism.

This year’s teach-in and expo, hosted by the Ohio Fair Trade Network and John Carroll University (JCU), will take place on Saturday, Oct. 21, on the JCUl campus in University Heights.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:26 PM, 09.29.2017

Heights High principal welcomes students

Heights High Principal Brian Williams is often in the halls, talking to students. He recently talked to juniors, Ella Damaser and Macy Smith, students in Madame Woods' French Honors 2 class. The students were preparing to leave for a field trip to the Cedar Lee Theatre to view a French language film.

On the third day of school, Cleveland Heights High School Principal Brian Williams invited students to grade level meetings in the auditorium. He introduced himself and talked about the new building as a symbol for a new era in Tiger Nation.

“The adults in this building are here to support and help you,” Williams said.

He spoke about the new building and the responsibility of attending school in a brand new facility that was provided by the community. 

“We have a collective commitment to treat this amazing place with respect and gratitude. What was given to us must be held as sacred space and treated with the utmost respect,” Williams said.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 1:09 PM, 09.29.2017

Fairfax Elementary School to host kindergarten open house on Oct. 11 for Heights families

Two Tiger Nation kindergartners enjoying a book.

Fairfax Elementary School invites all Heights families with rising kindergartners to attend an open house at the school on Oct. 11, 6–7 p.m.

Guests will have the opportunity to tour the school building, meet teachers and the principal, and learn all about what the school has to offer.

Current Fairfax families will also be on hand to answer questions.

If you cannot attend the Oct. 11 event and would like to schedule a tour, call 216-371-7480.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:57 PM, 09.29.2017

Tiger Shop reopens at Heights High

The Sept. 10 community open house at Cleveland Heights High School brought thousands of people to the school, and many of them made purchases at the Tiger Shop.

Laura Stuart-Lilley, transition coordinator at Heights High, and others who staffed the shop were swamped, with people purchasing T-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware, key chains, book bags, teddy bears and more.

The Tiger Shop is located in a new space in the renovated front hall of the high school, and offers school supplies as well as Heights-themed gear. Students from marketing classes and the work lab operate the shop. They do the inventory and ordering, create the displays, and handle the sales transactions.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:26 PM, 10.01.2017

2017 Voters Guide to Local Candidates and Issues

The League of Women Voters has created a guide to local candidates and issues for the Nov. 7 election. Click on the links below to access information for candidates and issues:

Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Judge

Cleveland Heights City Council

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education

University Heights Mayor

Shaker Heights Municipal Court Judge (Jurisdiction includes Beachwood, Hunting Valley, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights and University Heights)

University Heights City Council At-Large

University Heights City Council Two-Year Unexpired Term

State and County Issues

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:27 PM, 09.29.2017

Heights High pool is open to the community

The new natatorium is located at the northwest corner of the Heights High building.  (photo credit: Jeff Holbury,

The new Cleveland Heights High School pool is now open to all residents who live within the boundaries of the CH-UH City School District. Members of the community, as well as district staff, can purchase swim passes through the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Cleveland Heights.

Fall swim passes cost $70 for a family, $32 for an adult (age 19–59), and $25 for a senior (age 60 and older). The fall pool season opened on Sept. 11, and runs through Nov. 3.

During the fall season, the pool is open to the community for the activities specified below, on the days and times listed.

  • Adult Lap Swim only: 6–7:30 a.m., Monday through Friday; 5:30–8 p.m., Monday through Thursday; and 8–10 a.m., Saturday.
  • Adult Lap Swim and Family Swim: 5–8 p.m., Friday; and 12:30–2 p.m., Saturday.
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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 11:59 AM, 09.26.2017

Noble Neighbors to host two candidate forums

Noble Neighbors will host two candidate forums for the upcoming local elections.

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Cleveland Heights City Council candidates will have an opportunity to offer their perspectives on the Noble neighborhood and other topics.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education candidates and Cleveland Heights Municipal Judge candidates will have an opportunity to address the community.


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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:51 AM, 09.25.2017

Ensemble announces its 38th consecutive season

Ensemble Theatre announces its 38th consecutive season, the theme of which is “We the People.” The company will present five main stage productions of plays that focus on the power of the individuals within their communities. Celeste Cosentino, Ensemble’s artistic director, will direct the season opener, "Well," and Tony Kushner’s epic contemporary classics "Angels in America, Parts One and Two." 

"Well," written by Lisa Kron, explores a woman’s relationship with her invalid mother and her mother's extraordinary ability to heal a changing neighborhood, despite her inability to heal herself. One of the questions the play asks is whether we create our own illness. The answers are complicated, surprising, and sometimes funny.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:15 PM, 09.26.2017

FutureHeights to host Oct. 10 public forum on creative place-making

Making Our Own Space (MOOS) at La Villa Hispana, Cleveland. 

FutureHeights will hold a public forum, Creating Great Places in the Heights, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at The BottleHouse Brewing Company, 2050 Lee Road.

Desirable communities sometimes happen out of sheer luck, but more often become great by design. In this community forum, organized by FutureHeights' Civic Engagement and Planning & Development committees, a panel will discuss the art of place-making.

More than just building physical spaces, place-making is the art of elevating the human experience of a space.


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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:11 PM, 09.26.2017

Forest Hill 5K run/walk set for Oct. 15

The second annual Fall for Forest Hill 5K Run/Walk will take place on Sunday, Oct. 15. The race, to benefit the East Cleveland Parks Association, offers participants an opportunity to experience spectacular fall colors on a unique and scenic USATF-certified course, winding through historic Forest Hill Park.

The race will begin and end at Forest Hill Park, adjacent to the Cleveland Heights Community Center at 1 Monticello Blvd.

Race-day check-in time is 8 a.m., at picnic shelter 2A and 2B. The chip-timed race will begin at 9 a.m., and the walk will start at 9:05.

5K runner awards will include the top overall female and male, and the top overall female and male in each age category: 14 and under; 15–17; 18–24; 24–34; 35–44; 45–54; 55–64; 65 and over.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:52 PM, 09.26.2017

Speedskating lessons for all ages begin Oct. 19

2016–17 Midget & Under State Relay Team (from left): Mary Turner, Margo Burke, Arthur Schmiedl and Drew Harmon.

Arthur Schmiedl, of Cleveland Heights, had just finished a learn-to-skate session at the Cleveland Heights Community Center when he noticed someone his age walking around on really long skates.

“What are those?” he asked.

“Those are speed skates, kid,” said a coach who happened to overhear. “Want to give it a try?”

Schmiedl was 9 at the time. A few months later, he raced in his first short-track speedskating meet, and is now back for his third year of fun and competition. Earlier this year, he and three friends competed in the team relay event for their age group at the state championship.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:13 PM, 09.26.2017

Autumn is 'Better by Bike'

Heights Bicycle Coalition (HBC) has adopted “Better by Bike” as a theme for many recommended destinations and rides. It’s a theme that works throughout the year, with the possible exception (in the view of some) of snowy and icy days. Indeed, riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the vibrant colors and cooler temperatures of fall. To that end, the coalition is sponsoring some enticing rides in October.

Longtime Heights resident Leonard (Lenny) Horowitz will show bicyclists his favorite recreational ride around the Heights. This 13-mile “Park to Park to Park Ride” starts at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1, from the DeLisle Options Center parking lot at 14780 Superior Road, Cleveland Heights. The ride will wind through Cain, Cumberland and Forest Hill parks, circle the Forest Hill pond, then progress, primarily via side streets, toward Cedar Fairmount. The ride up Bellfield Avenue will connect to North Park Boulevard’s bike lanes and quiet streets en route to Hathaway Brown School, then return to DeLisle.


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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:58 AM, 09.25.2017

CH Happy 5K and Fun Run on Oct. 8 will benefit youth scholarship fund

The city of Cleveland Heights recognizes the need to provide an opportunity for all children in the community to participate in its youth and teen recreation programs. Not all families can afford the associated costs of such participation, however. That is why the Youth Scholarship Fund was established—to make recreation programs more accessible to those Cleveland Heights children in need.

The Cleveland Heights Parks and Recreation Department administers the scholarship and hosts the Cleveland Heights Happy 5K, 10K & 1 Mile Fun Run as a means of raising scholarship funds.

This year’s race will take place on Sunday, Oct. 8, at 10 a.m. The race is a fun run for all ages and abilities, as well as a chip-timed race for the competitive runner.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:39 AM, 09.19.2017

Bookmobile's last ride was Aug. 31

University Heights Branch Manager Sara Phillips, Youth Services Librarian Hannah Van Jura, and Security Guard and bookmobile driver Keith Acey (from left).

For nearly a year, University Heights residents visited “Nellie,” a 1995 Freightliner Chassis turned bookmobile, to check out books and other library materials.

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library System purchased Nellie—named for popular former Heights Librarian Nell Lynch—in June 2016, to provide University Heights residents access to library materials while the University Heights branch underwent extensive renovations.

With the University Heights branch scheduled to re-open in late October, Nellie made her last stop on Aug. 31.

Nellie’s bookshelves held a modest but varied selection of books, DVDs and audiobooks for children, teens and adults, and also offered work stations and a portable hotspot, enabling residents to check out and return library materials.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:38 AM, 09.19.2017

Thousands attend Heights High's grand opening

Visitors admired the building's front exterior in what used to be the courtyard. [Photo by Lauren R. Pacini]

The community came together for the grand opening of Cleveland Heights High School on Sunday, Sept. 10. More than 4,000 people toured the newly reopened building, and their reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

The words “beautiful,” “amazing,” “fantastic” were heard time and again as alumni, parents, students and community residents wandered the halls. Two dozen teachers opened their classrooms to share their learning spaces with the visitors.

“Two thumbs up, all the way through,” said Bruce Tyler, a 1974 graduate and father of a Heights eighth-grader. His favorite spaces were the science rooms. “I know a thing or two about microscopes,” joked Tyler, a cyto-genetics technologist at University Hospitals.

Other visitors said they were impressed by the music spaces, the competition gym and swimming pool, and the career and technical education offerings.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:15 AM, 09.12.2017

Cleveland Skating Club Tennis Team wins championship

Members of the Cleveland Skating Club Ladies Tennis Team

The Cleveland Skating Club Ladies 3.0 USTA (United States Tennis Association) 18 & Over team had a fantastic summer season.

Team members Susan Armstrong, Mary Kate Bastulli, Sabrina Davies, Calle Garcia, Jennifer Gidlow, Tara Hata, Jenny Peterman and Catey Peters started by winning the NEOTA division, moved on to the USTA Midwest State Championships, and finally won at the USTA Midwest Sectionals, beating teams from four other states.


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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:35 AM, 09.19.2017

Flags are being stolen from Forest Hill Church

Since February, two flags have flown on the steps of Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian, at the intersection of Monticello and Lee boulevards: the “rainbow” flag which celebrating LGBTQ persons, and the green, black and red flag known as the “International African Flag” or the “African-American” flag.

Four times since February, the African-American flag has been stolen.

Perhaps the flag was taken by a white supremacist. Perhaps some young person, who thought it was a good-looking flag and wanted it for a dorm room or apartment, took it. Or perhaps someone who believed that these two flags should not be in the same space removed it.


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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 11:01 AM, 09.12.2017

Lee Road Library improves parking lot safety

New signage at the Lee Road Library aims to keep the fire lane clear.

In August, the Lee Road branch of Heights Libraries, in partnership with the City of Cleveland Heights, took steps to improve parking lot safety for customers by installing new signage and creating a drop-off zone on Dellwood Avenue.

“We’ve had some challenges with customers parking in the fire lane,” said Security Manager Kevin Echols. “Aside from the worst possible scenario, where an emergency vehicle could be blocked, cars parked in the fire lane cause a ripple effect of problems, like preventing parked cars from backing out, forcing cars to drive around them, and creating congestion and frustration that can lead to accidents.”

To address the concerns, Echols spoke to Kara Hamley O’Donnell of the city’s Planning and Development Department and Sgt. Robert Butler of the Cleveland Heights Police Department, suggesting that a portion of nearby Dellwood Avenue could be used as a drop zone for drivers dropping off able-bodied library customers.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 11:03 AM, 09.12.2017

Heights Homecoming will be a community celebration

Heights High's marching band will help lead the homecoming parade.

On Friday, Oct. 6, the Heights High Tigers will face off against the Bedford Bearcats for Heights High’s homecoming football game. Behind the Friday-night gridiron lights will be the newly renovated high school, replacing the active construction zone that existed there for two years.

Many students, staff and community members have been waiting for the completion of the building—not just for the excitement of a new school, but also for the familiar sense of normalcy that the school’s return to the corner of Cedar and Lee roads will bring.

This year’s homecoming will offer a full weekend of Tiger Nation celebrations with families, schools, alumni and community partners. The weekend will be geared toward creating a unified community celebration, and a way to connect the schools, community and businesses in celebration of the opening of the new Heights High.

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 2:42 PM, 09.01.2017

Heights home and garden tour celebrates 40 years

This home is one ofseven on this year's Heights Heritage Home & Garden Tour. Photo courtesy HCC.

“After 40 Years . . . There’s Still No Place Like Home” is the theme of this year’s 40th anniversary Heights Heritage Home & Garden Tour, to be held on Sunday, Sept. 24, noon to 6 p.m.

The night before the tour, Height Community Congress” (HCC) traditional preview party is planned for Saturday evening, Sept. 23, at the iconic Alcazar. 

It has been 40 years since HCC began showcasing Cleveland Heights homes to the community. Organizers believe there is no place like (one’s own) home, but also know that Heights residents love viewing neighbor’s homes and taking in the wide variety of architecture and wealth of creative styles that are unique to this community.

This year, tourgoers will visit:

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 2:32 PM, 09.01.2017

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights 9-5-2017


  • Recognitions
  • Board administrative policies
  • School events and superintendent activities
  • Middle school field trip
  • Before- and after-school programs
  • Change orders
  • Transportation
  • Routine finance matters
  • OSBA representation
  • Grants received
  • New board handbook

President Ron Register, Vice President Kal Zucker, Jim Posch, Eric Silverman and Beverly Wright were present, as were Superintendent Talisa Dixon and Treasurer Scott Gainer were also present. The meeting began at 7 p.m. and adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:02 PM, 09.20.2017

University Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-5-2017


  • Public comments
  • Heights High Pool
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Home demolition application
  • Fund transfer
  • Firehouse renovations
  • Adding agenda items
  • Amending definitions
  • Planning commission meetings
  • University Square property
  • Special assessments and fees
  • Yard service fines
  • Tax levies
  • Bids accepted
  • Library reopens in October
  • Swenson’s breaks ground

Present were Mayor Susan Infeld and Vice Mayor Susan Pardee, and council members Pamela Cameron, Philip Ertel, John Rach, Michele Weiss and Mark Wiseman. Also present were Amy Hamilton, sitting in for Law Director Luke McConville; William Sheehan, finance director; and Kelly Thomas, clerk of council. The meeting was held from 7:02 to 11:04 p.m.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:58 AM, 09.20.2017

Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-5-2017


  • Public comments
  • New refuse transfer trailer
  • Banking services
  • Public service plan for Coventry Village
  • Tax proceeds

All council members were in attendance: Mayor Cheryl L. Stephens, Vice Mayor Jason Stein, Mary Dunbar, Kahlil Seren, Carol Roe, Michael N. Ungar and Melissa Yasinow.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 11:29 AM, 09.20.2017

HYT's new season marks a journey home

Heights Youth Theatre’s (HYT) 2017–18 season will open in October with “Into the Woods,” an enchanting fairytale about wishes, family, and the impact of the choices we make. Kelly Monaghan directs the season-opening production, with music direction by Stacy Bolton.

Woven throughout the season’s productions is this year’s theme, The Journey Home. All of the plays HYT will present deal with excursions of self-discovery, where characters set out to find themselves, or lose themselves, sometimes within the same journey. Ultimately, they gain insights that are more fulfilling than the happiest fairy tale.

This season marks HYT’s return “home” to its stage at the Wiley middle school building, after two years away, and is a celebration of 60 years of creating quality live theater that entertains its audiences, and educates, encourages and inspires its young artists.

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 5:20 PM, 09.03.2017

'brownsville song' opens Dobama's 2017-18 season

Dobama Theatre opens its 58th season with the Cleveland premiere of "brownsville song (b-side for tray)" by Kimber Lee. Written in poetic language, "brownsville song" is the story of Tray, a high school senior and amateur boxer. The play moves gracefully back and forth in time to reveal what happened before and after the tragic incident that changes Tray’s family forever.

The inspiration for the play came to Lee in 2012 when she read a news report about a young black man who was the victim of random gang violence in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y. The story, which contained very few details, lodged in the playwright’s head. 

“I kept thinking about this boy’s family and loved ones,” she said, “and about the tremendous loss of life in some of our communities, and how easy it is in this sound-byte world for these losses to disappear from our consciousness . . . if you look a certain way and live in a certain zip code, your life is worth less, you matter less, and this wall of silence descends around the loss.”

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 5:18 PM, 09.03.2017

New restaurants open in Cleveland Heights

A ribbon cutting celebrated the opening of Sylk's Soul Fix Cuisine on Lee Road. [courtesy city of Cleveland Heights]

Two restaurants, Seafood Shake and Sylk's Soul Fix Cuisine, are among the new businesses that have opened in Cleveland Heights this summer.

Seafood Shake opened on July 21, at 1852 Coventry Road, serving seasoned, boiled seafood.

At 2142 Lee Road, Fix Bistro's owner Eric Rogers continues his expansion of the "Fix" brand with the opening of Sylk's Soul Fix Cuisine (pictured here).

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 5:05 PM, 09.03.2017

Heights High welcomes students for first day of school

Senior Kyle Mattox and freshman Maple Buescher raised the flag before the start of school at the newly renovated Cleveland Heights High School. Photo credit: Lauren R. Pacini

After two years of extensive renovations, class is finally back in session at Cleveland Heights High School at the corner of Cedar and Lee roads.

On Aug. 21, parents, students and staff held a flag-raising ceremony at 7:30 a.m. in the front courtyard, to start the first day of the new school year. Senior Kyle Mattox and freshman Maple Buescher unfurled and cranked the flag up the pole while the Barbershoppers sang the national anthem.

“This is a space that our students deserve. It is a space that our staff and teachers deserve, and it is definitely a space that our community deserves,” said Brian Williams, high school principal, at the ceremony. “We thank our community for restoring this gift to us. This marks a new era in Tiger Nation.”

“It is a great time to be in CH-UH and an exceptional time to be a part of this school district,” added Superintendent Talisa Dixon. “I am honored to be the superintendent in a community that has shown how much they value our district and our students with this new building.”

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 4:52 PM, 09.03.2017

A matter of judgment

Most Cleveland Heights residents will never find themselves in municipal court, but its activities affect the safety and quality of life of all of us. We rely on it when a neighbor fails to bring her/his house up to code, when a speeding driver endangers pedestrians and other motorists, when a woman is threatened or beaten by her domestic partner.

On Nov. 7, Cleveland Heights voters will choose a replacement for Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Judge A. Deane Buchanan, who is retiring due to age limits. Vying to succeed Buchanan are attorneys James Costello, Naydeen Hayden and DeAngelo Little.

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 1:57 PM, 09.01.2017